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Our News Division is proud to be the choice for many journalists, TV producers, and foreign networks covering news in Jordan, Iraq, The West Bank and Israel. We provide our clients with ENG crews and equipment, editing studios and satellite transmission facilities through our comprehensive packages in our Amman studios. PTP is regularly complimented for its excellence and standards of performance by journalists and producers using its studios.
The list of PTP clients reflects our professional capabilities and integrity. We have proudly served: CBS, FOX TV, CNN, CTV, TFI, ARD, REUTERS TV, WTN, ZDF, APTV, TV2, TVE, JTV, MBC, CH2, ABU DHABI TV, DUBAI TV, AL-ALAM, LA7, RTE, AL-SHARIQA, and PBS. Our experience provides our clients -- the news makers -- with substantial editorial and operational benefits and advantages.
Prime Time Productions devotes its resources to its clients' pre-production needs so that they will be better able to devote their time and energy to the actual production. This is not only cost-effective, but it also takes a great weight off their minds.
Prime Time Productions is the only private company in Jordan that is licensed to feed news items and other programs from our studios through a fiber optic link with Jordan's earth station. Feeding from the Prime Time feedpoint saves clients' time, money and energy. We can also provide mobile satellite flyaways upon request.
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