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The owner of Prime Time Productions is Michel Haj. Michel has 44 years of journalism, production and editing experience. Before Prime Time, he spent the majority of his career with World Wide Television News (WTN) where he covered and produced news for CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and many other international news networks. He also managed and supervised reports for Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV and MBC.
During his long Career with WTN, Michel has covered numerous wars including:
  • The Gulf War - 1991
  • The Iran-Iraq war - 1988
  • Israel's Invasion of Lebanon - 1982
  • The Rise of Ayat Allah Alkhumeni - 1979
  • The Iranian Revolution -1978
  • The Civil war in Lebanon - 1975
  • The Turkish Invasion of Cyprus - 1973
  • The Indian Pakistani War - 1972
Throughout his career, he obtained a number of exclusives for WTN, including in the first Gulf War where he was one of the only reporters left in Baghdad after most of the others were expelled. He has chronicled these events in his book The Mother of All Strategies.

Michel is supported by a wonderful crew that is professional, prompt and dedicated to providing quality service to Prime Time's clients.
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